Hi, I'm
I like to make stuff.
I'm currently working as a software engineer at Google in Cambridge, MA. In the past, I've worked at Facebook and Stripe on various backend systems. In college, I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I grew up in sunny Tucson, Arizona.
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In my free time, you can find me spending time with friends, out in nature, traveling, scuba diving, going on a photoshoot, rock climbing, reading a book, making music, or working on my next project.
I've worn many hats in the past, including backend infrastructure, site reliability, distributed systems, frontend UI, robotics, and even electronics. Here are some of the classes, projects, and activities I've been involved in.
SudokuWith.Us - Collaborative Sudoku - I created a site to play sudoku in real time with your friends. The site frontend was implemented in React. The backend is implemented in Python, with a Redis server to persist state. SocketIO is used to handle client-server communications. Give it a try with your friends, it's fun!

Select classes I've taken:

  • 6.033: Computer Systems Engineering
  • 6.828: Operating Systems
  • 6.170: Software Studio
  • 6.046: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • 6.005: Elements of Software Construction
  • 6.004: Computation Structures
  • 6.813: User Interface Design and Implementation
  • 6.036: Machine Learning
  • 18.600: Probability and Random Variables
  • 18.06: Linear Algebra
  • 18.03: Differential Equations
  • 6.042: Mathematics for Computer Science

CoCompose - Collaborative Music Composing - Worked with a team of three other people to create this web app as a final project. Allows users to collaboratively edit music together in real-time using an alternative UI for composing.

MIT Interactive Robotics Group - Worked with the Optimus mobile robotics patform using Python.

MITConnect - A system proposal for optimizing network usage at MIT. Created with Advaith Anand and Jared Counts for our 6.033 final.

Pynado - Command line script to assist with downloading torrents with Coinado.

21W.789 - Passel Android App - Worked with a team of three other people to design, prototype, and test a mobile Android app, focused on location sharing.

MIT Autonomous Robotics Competition - Worked with a team of four other people as software and electrical lead to design and build an autonomous robot over the course of a month. Competed against teams of other MIT students.

MIT Space Systems Lab - SPHERES Arm Team - Worked with two other people to develop a testbed for experimenting with robotic arms on satellites. Worked with SPHERES satellites. Watch a video of it in action here. Read our report here.

Mimicking Robotic Hand - Worked with two other people during a hackathon to build a glove-controlled robotic hand, where the robotic hand would follow what the glove-wearer was doing. Watch a video of it in action here. Click on the title for more details.