About me


I'm a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying electrical engineering and computer science (6-2). I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Some of my interests include music, hobby electronics, and dance.

Career Plans

My interests span a wide range, including electronics, robotics, mobile development and web design. In the past, I've done more hardware oriented tasks, but now I'm looking for opportunities to use my software skill set.

What I've Done

Here are some of the classes, projects, and activities I've been involved in. You can take a look at my resume here

Some classes I've taken:

  • 6.170: Software Studio
  • 6.006: Intro to Algorithms
  • 6.005: Elements of Software Construction
  • 6.042: Mathematics for Computer Science
  • 18.600: Probability and Random Variables
  • 18.03: Differential Equations
  • 18.06: Linear Algebra
  • 6.004: Computation Structures
  • 6.003: Signals and Systems
  • 6.002: Circuits and Electronics
  • 6.01: Intro to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I

CoCompose - Collaborative Music Composing - Worked with a team of three other people to create this web app as a final project. Allows users to collaboratively edit music together in real-time using an alternative UI for composing.
  • Used Node.js and MongoDB for backend
  • Frontend implemented using a mix of Express/Handlebars for templating and HTML Canvas for the composing UI.
  • Responsible for implementation of real-time collaboration logic (using Socket.io) and front-end composer UI
  • Won the "Most Innovative" award

MIT Interactive Robotics Group - Worked with the Optimus mobile robotics patform using Python.
  • Worked with ROS and LCM to facilitate communication between systems
  • Extended MIT DARPA Robotics software with additional visualization tools using VTK
  • Created teleop GUI using Qt

MITConnect - A system proposal for optimizing network usage at MIT. Created with Advaith Anand and Jared Counts for our 6.033 final.

Pynado - Command line script to assist with downloading torrents with Coinado.

21W.789 - Passel Android App - Worked with a team of three other people to design, prototype, and test a mobile Android app, focused on location sharing.
  • Conducted field studies to determine user needs, as well as UI tests with potential users
  • Implemented client-side app with the Android SDK
  • Implemented backend with Python Flask framework

MIT Autonomous Robotics Competition - Worked with a team of four other people as software and electrical lead to design and build an autonomous robot over the course of a month. Competed against teams of other MIT students.
  • Designed software for autonomous robot using C++ and OpenCV on the Intel Edison platform
  • Designed electronics stack and circuitry used by robot
  • Worked with multiple communication protocols including I2C and SPI.

MIT Space Systems Lab - SPHERES Arm Team - Worked with two other people to develop a testbed for experimenting with robotic arms on satellites. Worked with SPHERES satellites. Watch a video of it in action here. Read our report here.
  • Wrote an arm-satellite system simulation in C++ to predict and visualize system dynamics
  • Overhauled existing motor controller code
  • Wrote C++ program to allow communication between SPHERES and Halo (running Linux) and arm
  • Designed PCB to allow communication between USB and RS485
  • Wrote Matlab program to visualize telemetry data from satellite experiments
  • Designed mission patch for current lab project
  • Created SolidWorks model of satellite shell to be used as promotional material for an upcoming major film

Mimicking Robotic Hand - Worked with two other people during a hackathon to build a glove-controlled robotic hand, where the robotic hand would follow what the glove-wearer was doing. Watch a video of it in action here. Click on the title for more details.
  • Designed, built, and tested the circuit used in the project
  • Wrote the Arduino code that took in analog input and mapped it to the required servo output
  • Worked with team members to design and build both the glove and the hand mechanisms

Music - Throughout high school, I played around with FL Studio and Ableton Live 8. Here is a link to my SoundCloud for some samples.

What I'm Doing

Classes I'm currently taking:
  • 6.046: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • 6.033: Computer Systems Engineerings
  • 6.036: Machine Learning
  • KOR 104: Korean II

This summer:
I'll be in Seattle working at Facebook as a Production Engineering intern.

Get in touch

Have a question, interested in my past work, or just want to chat?

Feel free to email me, check out my Github, or add me on LinkedIn.

jimenezl [at] mit [dot] edu